Come with us and enjoy The Other Xochimilco, meet its people, the Chinampas,the famous Axolotl and several flying beauties



Enjoy a guided bird watching tour through the channels and savor typical dishes in the traditional chinampas.

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Courses and workshops

The topics are diverse and are aimed at producers, students, tourists, and all audiences

Social responsibility

Talking about natural systems, we look forward to making people conscious of the importance of caring more than restoring, our natural resources.

Chinampa Apantle

We invite you to experience our didactic Chinampa, where you will learn about traditional Aztec agriculture and meet the endemic axolotl of Xochimilco. Come and request an activity plan tailored-made to your needs.

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You can make the difference

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Work on your professional practices or thesis at old traditional settlements such as the chinampas. Accept the challenge and generate changes

Articles from REDES

Creating a Participatory Action Plan for conservation of Ambystoma granulosum (Ajolote)
Water quality monitoring in the Xochimilco peri-urban wetland: experiences engaging in citizen science
Enhancing the potential value of environmental services in urban wetlands: An agro-ecosystem approach

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