Chinampa Apantle

The Chinampa Apantle, our fieldwork headquarters since 2012, is a model of 100% agroecological chinampa. It is a refuge for the Axolotl of Xochimilco and with appropriate infrastructure, avoids water contamination, promotes the conservation of trees, maintains production of crops free of chemicals and creates a harmonious environment for conducting courses, workshops, seminars, school practices from basic to a professional level or for corporate and institutional social responsibility activities.

Conserving the chinampas for agricultural production is the best way to preserve Xochimilco and the environmental services that it gives us to the inhabitants of Mexico City. The scarcity and poor quality of water, as well as the low prices of vegetables in markets such as the Wholesale market, have led to a lack of producers in the chinampas and make this World Heritage Site more vulnerable to urbanization. REDES offers an alternative to producers, from capacity building to the creation of social identity and its integration into value-added markets, all in a personalized way, with constant and long-term support. We are proud to collaborate with prestigious institutions like UNAM, EY, and Earthwatch Institute, as well as with specialists in various subjects.


Erika Rodríguez Flores
Actualmente están operando de forma independiente tres grupos de productores, formados en 2017, 2018 y 2019:

Venta de hortalizas y productos locales:

EcoQuilitl. Productores Agroecológicos de Xochimilco

Sr. Enrique Martínez

Sr. Crescencio Hernández.

Red de Pequeños Productores San Gregorio Atlapulco

Pedro Galicia (55)4520-4122

Servicios agroturísticos:

Eco Turismo Atlapulco

Lic. Mariela Benítez

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