What we do

Social responsibility

Talking about natural systems, we look forward to making people conscious of the importance of caring more than restoring

Worshops and courses

How to deal with the challenge of having sustainable habits in our daily activities? Come and learn with us in the best place, with Nature around you

Social service and professional practices

Accept the challenge and get involved in the real world of farmers at the oldest agriculture area in Mexico City

Millenium Goals in our Projects

REDES has encouraged 100 producers from Xochimilco to change their paradigms and venture into fair market and short value chain schemes, so that they become mini-agricultural entrepreneurs.

In our projects, knowledge, commercial networks and infrastructure are offered so that producers can carry out sustainable agriculture, free of agrochemicals and with biodiversity conservation practices.

22 rainwater harvesting systems to improve access in quantity and quality and 13 dry toilets to improve sanitation have been enabled in agricultural areas (see “Water for Xochimilco” Campaign).

To date, three groups of producers have been formed (EcoQuilitl, Ecoturismo Atlapulco and RPP) and 20 producers have transformed their production into agro-ecological and sought new value-added markets.

Conserving Xochimilco, we help to preserve the most important water supply as well as other environmental services for Mexico City (Aguilar et al., 2012)

We are venturing into the reconversion of a circular economy for the use and care of the natural resources of the wetland and conservation areas of Xochimilco

Given the critical conditions of water scarcity in the chinampas, our future challenge is to work on technological innovations and training for users of the wetland, to make water management more efficient.

We have implemented collaborations with producers in the upper zone of the Xochimilco sub-basin, with a focus on watershed management, in order to implement conservation strategies through capacity building and implementation of eco-technologies that reduce impact to soil and water.

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